Do you know any drugs that can cure hepatiis B???

@gwyn12 (177)
April 8, 2007 3:04am CST
Two of my family members are suffering now with hepatitis B, the doctor says that it is incurable once you have it, you have it the rest of your life. But, due to modern technologies now a days, is it curable now??? I want to know!!!
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@feralcat (426)
• Canada
1 Jun 08
I had hepatitis B years ago. I was tested weekly for liver enzyme levels and reached a window period of 6 months where testing was to see whether or not I would build antibodies to it which I did. I don't have hepatitis B anymore but I cannot be a blood donor either because there is a blood marker that will show you've had it before. You can always try Milk Thistle which is a natural product and when I had hep. B I took it daily to help protect,build and rejuvenate the liver. Hope this helps.
@sophialin (2678)
• China
1 Jun 08
so far,as i know,there is no medcine to cure it only can control it under a safe line but unable to get rid of it. to lead a regular life,have more fruit and a healthy diet,you may be better if you take good care of yourself but still away from cure.
@AmbiePam (50702)
• United States
25 Apr 07
There are several treatments, but so far no one has been able to cure it. If they claim to have a cure, they are probably lying. A real cure would be huge, welcoming news, and very profitable. No one would keep it a secret. However, holistic approaches can put Hepatitis B symptoms in remission. I'm all for the normal doctor approach, but sometimes the most simple changes and actions make the largest difference in our collective health. I wish your family members nothing but good health. : )