Can Singapore host the Formula 1?

April 8, 2007 4:30am CST
Singapore doesnot have any circuit and they plan to change their street as runway. Furthermore, they plan to run the event during night time. Can this happen?
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• Malaysia
8 Apr 07
About want to be a host, I think its no problem. Moreover it can increase the race on Formula One. But, I think Singapore jeloust about Formula One in Sepang, Malaysia. I still don't understand about Singapore. I think Singapore is a small country and want to do what a another country do. But, they said another country jeloust with their country. About race at the night, I think the already circuit also can do like that. But, it should have the agrement from all Formula One team.
• Malaysia
9 Apr 07
I think Singapore is very smart. They donot want to build a billion circuit to run the formula 1 race but earn billion from the race. I think Malaysia yet to recover from the cost of building the circuit. Thank
• Malaysia
13 Apr 07
there's nothing impossible in this world..for the modern and advance country such as singapore, everything is under their plan, if they want to build a new circuit for F1 and want to be a host for that competition just go for it..and if the size of land is the problem, they still have the islands or floating circuit can be built..just kidding..nonsense..
@iz_maxx (38)
• Malaysia
10 Apr 07
well,i've no problem Singapore want to host F1.It could bring more benefit to the asean region both in car racing and tourism...but to race at night,its too much risk for the racer,with 300 km/h,one need to have such good visibility....hope Singapore take safety into consideration not only for making profit....