Would you like to aknowledge your fault, when you make a mistake?

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April 8, 2007 5:05am CST
If you do wrong,would you like to admit your mistake? Sometimes, even if I am wrong,I would not like to admit.I know it's not a good habit at all.But I think assuring someone of someghing is not enough.What we need to do is to remember not to make the same mistakes in your mind.Only in this way can we learn from our mistakes.Do you think so?What's your opinion about it?
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@tonyxxx (693)
• India
9 Apr 07
Yes I do acknowledge my fault whenever I make mistakes.If I feel that I have made a mistake I will immediately apologize for my fault.It does not matter to me whether the person whom I am apologizing is a child or an old person.For me mistake is a mistake.Once I discover my mistake I feel so uneasy and just can't wait to apologize.My innerself starts scolding me.In fact I think if we can't admit our faults then there is no use of education. Yes you are right, we must learn from our mistakes and should not repeat them.
• China
12 Apr 07
Maybe that's a good habit.But it's not an easy thing for every one.Do you think so?It's good that you can do that easily.
• Australia
8 Apr 07
I hate to admit when I make a mistake, but I will always acknowledge the mistake that I made.
• India
8 Apr 07
If I feel I am wrong,admit the fault.I also learn from my mistakes.if someone says I am not accepting the fault,but actually he feels much gulity and remains on the burdan or tension. Instead, to accept and make room for improvement is better way.One important thing--accept the fault smartly and serve both purposes maintain ego and remain burdanfree.
@natalie1981 (2000)
• Singapore
8 Apr 07
Yes, specially when I know I'm wrong. Acknowledging my faults helps me keep grounded. It's like saying, I am not perfect, I make mistakes, I admit it, and I will try my best never to let it happen again. I don't think its enough that you admit you're wrong to yourself specially if your mistake involves another person. Whenever me and my boyfriend argue about something and when I cool down and realize that I was wrong, I always admit it to him.
• Malaysia
8 Apr 07
I think we should need to admit the mistake when we aknowledge our fault. it is hard for everyone to pratice this kind of thing. But i always remind me to think like this. when we aknowledge it, we wil really remember it and learn from it. Sometimes, if someone point out that we had do something wrong and we still don't want to admit, this can bring negative perception towards us.
@elairz (260)
• Malaysia
8 Apr 07
only to myself, i hate admitting my mistake openly. i admit i made a mistake and keep it on my mind not to repeat it.