New rabbit run

April 8, 2007 5:42am CST
My wonderful teenagers have just helped me to build a run for our new rabbit. Bought ones are sooo expensive. Her hutch is in the shelter but that means it does not get much sun either. So now she can get some exercise and enjoy the summer. We put a box in for her to hide in to feel safe (not full of lager at the moment!) and a blanket to provide some shade and stop her jumping out from standing on the box. We also make sure her water bottle is attached. Unfortunately, she does not show in the photograph as the shadow covers her - she is not that great big black shape although that does look like a monster rabbit. I will put her photo in my profile.
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@beaniegdi (1966)
23 May 07
My brother has 2 beautiful rabbits that he has had for years and they just live in the back garden. They have a shelter they can go in if they want but the rest of the time they are out in the garden. He also has 2 cats that he got together as kittens and the cats colouring matches the rabbits, just by coincidence, so he has a brown and white rabbit and cat and a black and white rabbit and cat. He also has a couple of ferrets that have a big run in the garden and other pets. Amazngly he has a lovely house although you would expect it with so many pets having the run of the place.