england v australia

April 8, 2007 5:57am CST
will england come back like a wounded tiger and leap on australia? in other words will they win today?
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@shelagh77 (3643)
25 Apr 07
Ummmm this one has long gone, but we know what happened now, don't we? The events in Jamaica have overtaken National games and we just wait to see if the game is going to be dragged through the mire or whether this horrific act was not connected with cricket. Whichever way up we have lost a brilliant cricket man, and since I am Kentish, I feel the loss, one of our finest. To get back on topic I do not think that England will recover until they learn to ignore the press and if their players enjoy a night out so what? They don't play any worse if they are out or in during the evening. I think some of the players actually play at their best when they are full of joy. I would LOVE England to win some tournaments this year, but I do not think that they will. Roll on 2008!