Cardiff football (soccer to Americans)

April 8, 2007 5:58am CST
How frustrating is that? All of that attacking and we still lose to Sheffield Wednesday by 1 goal to 2. Boo hoo. Will we ever manage to make the Premier League?
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@molloy (136)
2 Dec 08
im a big cardiff fan i used to go to alot of games, havent been to one in a few years. we had our local derby sunday and we drew it with the stupid jacks. yer cardiff always seem to play well but end up drawing or losing :(. as to asking if we will ever make it to the prem league i think we will soon and hope that when we get there we will have a nice number of seasons there.
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3 Dec 08
Thanks molloy for your reply. The internet is great for meeting people from all around the world but I am still especially pleased to meet people from near home.
@beaniegdi (1966)
22 May 07
I don't really follow football but I used to know someone who originally came from wales and supported one of the teams, I think the nickname for them was bluebirds? Is it the same team? Coming from Blackburn and living just down the road from the stadium at Ewood I really should have an interest but I don't. So I'm not sure if Blackburn Rovers are in the Premier league or not, however I like it if Blackburn win and I remember a few years ago they made it to something big - you might know more than me what it was, and I was pleased for them then. I hope your team gets where it needs to be to make you happy.