What are you're favorites books?

@billiep (231)
April 8, 2007 6:01am CST
What are you're favorite books and why? My favorite books are "Veronika decides to die" "Eleven minutes" both by Paolo Coelho, "5 People you meet in heaven" and "Tuesdays with morrie" I think both are by Mitch Albom, I'm not certain. I like the way Paolo Coelho writes, he makes the story from the very beginning intriguing, his ways of writing is in itself controversial. HE stories are out of the world and yet they still have the sense of normality to them. Mitch Albom is different from Paolo Coelho. Since Paolo Coelho's style of writing is controversial, Mitch Albom's is the opposite. His style of writing is serene and calm some might even think his boring but to their surprise the story is less than boring. His stories are of normal people and living normal life, which makes you want to read it more. His way of writing is very humble and humane. Both of these authors are remarkable writer's. If you have not yet read any of their distinguished books, I suggest you buy them and read them. So how about you, what are you're favorite books and who are you're favorite authors and why?
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