Is we really be free from sin?

April 8, 2007 6:49am CST
The passover as well know to my best understand is the celebrating to become free from slave especially from Farao,so the people of God celebrate the passover at mount sinai according to scripture they are free from slave,God lead them and promised them to give them a good land which promised to give our fathers Ibrahim,Isaac and Jacob so we are now celebrating the passover because we are free from sin.Jesus made us free He came to save us but unfortunately most of us not need to draw near Jesus,when He has already told us that He is the vine dresser and His Father is the vine yard we do not need to draw near Him according to what He told us,we are like a lost sheep and everyone of us choose his own way to do what is good to his own eyes and not to God.Is we really from sin?
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