What to do with an unwanted preganacy

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April 8, 2007 8:34am CST
We read everyday were a mother of an infant does not want to keep the baby so she throws it away in a trash can or in a case just recently in my area were a baby was found dead in a back of a pickup truck. The mother put the baby in the back of a pickup and it died of exposure. The baby was tested for DNA and was the third child of the same mother with two different fathers. What is going on this womens mind she is murdering her babies. I just read an article here on mylot were two sisters were arrest for murder of an infant. The mother was arrested for murder and the sister is arrested for improper disposabl disposable of human remains. Why I am writing this post is becasue in the USA we have save areas to drop babies off with no questions asked. If a mother does not want her baby she can take it to any emergency room, police stations and fire stations. This is to try to prevent unless murdering of innocent babies. I want to think that maybe mothers of unwanted newborns who do not turn their baby's over to a hospital for addoption may not know she can. What we need is better teaching to let the public know that places exhist so there will be less babies die.
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@Lifez2short (4969)
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5 Sep 07
I do remember reading about these babies that belonged to the same mother. I don't understand why she kept getting pregnant and throwing the babies away. It makes me sick just the thought of this person doing this to all of those babies.
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7 Sep 07
I am glad they found her and have arrested her. They have linked her to all three babies by DNA now she is charged with three murders. With safe haven where you can give your baby up for adoption with out questions asked why did she not do that. She is a sick woman. Thanks for posting a response.
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25 Sep 07
Thank you very much for best response :-)
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@shaggin (41177)
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2 Mar 12
Amazing discussion cannot believe it has only gotten one response in 5 years. It deserves a lot more then that. I too cannot believe women will kill their babies because they do not want them. For them to think they will get away with it is bad enough but you actually be able to kill your child and live with yourself wow I cant imagine. They are some truly sick people. If someone does not want a child they can give it away. Murdering it is never an option in my eyes.