Think Beyond Petrol/ Diesel

Think Beyond Petrol / Diesel - Its called the Fuel Gun. We are ourselves digging our graves by relying to much on Petrol/Diesel/Gasoline and not looking for alternate fuels.
@kukkad (511)
April 8, 2007 8:41am CST
Everyone of us knows that the stocks of Petrol and Diesel are limited and one day the world will run out of stock. Dont you think we have to speed up in trying to find an alternate for these fuels.
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• India
10 Apr 07
Yes my dear friend. We need to do it. And do it very quickly. In fact, if you are aware, vehicles running on water have already been developed and are undergoing tests before they can be masss manufactured and sold in open market. These vehicles are known as "Fuel Cell Vehicles". These vehicles break down water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, use the hydrogen as fuel to run the vehicle. After combustion, Hydrogen gets combined with oxygen and converts into water again. Hence the by product of fuel cell vehicle is water. The only hitch in these vehicles in the safe handling of hydrogen gas, which is highly inflammable and explosive. So the greener days are not very far from now...
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@winterose (39916)
• Canada
9 Apr 07
new cars are being made now, the new hybrid cars that use gas in combination with electricity or just that etc, the world is trying. Some houses are powered by sunlight inside of electricity etc.
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@smacksman (6074)
27 May 07
It is the modes of transport that cannot run on electricity that will be the problem. Maybe the air transport system should be allowed to have the last of the jet fuel diluted with bio fuel. All land based vehicles and trains can run on electricity provided by nuclear power with a bit of help from solar power. Ships can run on nuclear power so long as they are of a decent size but maybe small nuclear power plants can be developed.
@a_ce_e (1427)
• Philippines
27 May 07
I think our inventors were already had an alternative with that as they had already the solar power in which the source of energy is from the sun. In addition the development of hydro-power vehicles are on the go. IN fact, BMW already have their hydro-powered car as i've seen in the website. In addition with this, Hyundai is starting to develop their own hydro-power car too. If these have been successful, we might use 100% water as an alternative for fuel. YOu may try to visit