who is much actractive girl with short hair or girl with long hair???

April 8, 2007 8:48am CST
short or long hair???? well based on m survey almost 8 out of 10 guys likes girl with long hair, bcoz for them hair adds beauty to a girl....hehehehe, well dats true for me i love seeing girls with long hair because i do prefer to have long hair too....hehehehe
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• India
15 Dec 07
My own hair color used to be a mousy brown, although these days it is more silver,However I have happily played with hair dyes, and my hair has been, red, purple, blue and on occasion black with purple ends. I had long blond hair up to when I had my children and then it started to get a bit darker, now it is quite dark but I put a reddish dye through it when it needs a cover up.
@gwyn12 (177)
• Philippines
8 Apr 07
I think, it doesn't matter wether your hair is long or short as long as you know how to fix it and it compliments merely on your feature it doesnt. All things that are pleasant to the eyes are considered beautiful.