What do you write in a notebook?

@lizeri (533)
April 8, 2007 9:47am CST
Notebook has been part of our life. In school or in office, we have this thing for jotting down notes or storing other important information. But aside from this function, it has other uses. Well, mine is, sometimes, I use my academic notebook as a sketchpad. Whenever I'm bored, I draw at the back of my notebook. And sometimes, instead of having it full of meaningful notes, it is dominated by sketches. But when it comes in writing my stories, I use a different notebook. How bout you?
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@kameking (78)
• Indonesia
1 May 07
When school and College, my notebook always full with sketches, cause it realy bored i class for long time, and the teacher that teach also sometimes look like not realy knowing what subject that they teach, but when it come to exam, i always borrowed from my classmate especialy girls, cause their create a good note when in working place, I realy used my notebook to writedown user requirement and problem analys, so i can give to them spesific problem solver and not giving any new problem
• China
11 Apr 07
In my opinion,the Notebook is so useful in my daily life.It is used like a tool which help me learn on internet.The recouse on internet is profuse,and i have gotten more and more from the internet such as learning english and so on. Whenever i am tired ,i will play game ,it is interesting and i like it! When i am working i will collect the important information by notebook. I think everyone need a notebook.It helps us so much!
• United States
8 Apr 07
My notebooks are used for a numerous amount of tasks. I usually use one for my homework, but sometimes I'll scribble on it. I also have one separate notebook for jotting ideas down. I wont write anything else in it because I'll feel I'm disrupting the pages and therefore the ideas.