Data Entry?

April 8, 2007 10:08am CST
Does anyone here get paid to data entry at home? I've been seeing alot about it but you have to pay tto get some list. I would like to do something like this in my spare time if it actually exists.
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@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
8 Apr 07 Here is a freebie. I have a site where a good group gets together and shares what they have found and support each other. Am trying to find out if you can just join or if you need an invitation. I took this one though to try and help you out. Good luck with this. I too am a freelancer and hope you have good success. Spare time is something you may wish to reconsider!!
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• United States
12 Apr 07
Thanks so much for sharing. I visited the site and registered.
• United States
14 Apr 07
It just so happens that I have started a work at home job site listing all of the legitimate work at home jobs I can find on the internet. The list is long and getting longer. I have data entry, customer service, and various other types of jobs there. Go there and check it out. Look through the archives. So far I have about 35 jobs listed there.
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
Thanks for the link. Looks awesome I'm gonna add it to my blogroll :) Hope I find something here as it is very difficult for non us residents!
@BarBaraPrz (21380)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
17 Apr 07
I used to do typesetting from home for a few print shops, but now that computers are so prevalent, most people can come up with a fairly decent document on their own. However, I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask at a few print shops if they ever need someone for extra work.