What exactly is Burmuda Triangle

April 8, 2007 11:45am CST
Countless theories attempting to explain the many disappearances have been offered throughout the history of the area.The most practical seems to be environmental an those citing human error. The majority of the disappearance can be attributed to the area's unique environmental features .First , the "devil's Triangle" is one of the two places on earth that a magnetic compass does point towards true north .Normally it points towards magnetic north the diffrence between the two is known as compass variation. The amount of variation changes by a much as 20 deg as one circumnavigate of the earth.If this compass variation or error is not compensated for, a navigater could find himself far off course and in deep trouble. An area called "Devil's Sea" by japanese and filiphino seamen, located of the east coust of japan, also exhibits the same magnetic characteristics.It is also known for its mysterious disappearances.
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• India
9 Apr 07
I can only say on this issue that i simply don't know though i have read about this triangle its just a weird thing and i don't beleive in it