Your Weirdest Day

April 8, 2007 12:01pm CST
I just wrote a response to a situation that happened to me a while ago and memories came flooded back of a really weird day, my husband told me that four of his uncles were visiting us for the evening, that don't seem weird I know but they were from Hong Kong and don't speak any English, I had never met them before and was rather nervous, at the same time I had told my children to come home so that they could meet my husbands uncles, my daughter phoned to say she needed a ride as her partner was working late, I then jumped into my car to pick her up, as we were driving back home in the dark and rain, I saw a child no more than two sitting in the road! he could not speak any English and just had a nappy on, my daughter jumped out of the car and wrapped the boy up in her jumper and sat in the back of the car, whilst I phoned the police, I told the police that I would take the child home and they said that they would meet us there, the rain was so bad I could barely see, I just kept thinking I was going to crash and kill my daughter and this poor child! just as I got to the corner of my road, the car broke down and no one could go around me, everyone started honking their horns at me, a woman came up to me to ask what the problem was, as I was telling her my daughter jumped out of the car with the child in her arms and run to get help from my husband and son, she looked very worried when she saw the child, me and my daughter are white and the child was black as was the woman talking to me, I just looked at her and said we found him!! at that moment my husband and son came running down the road and started pushing the car, as I walked into my house my hair all over my face and make up all smudged, my husband's uncles just smiled at me as I tried to explain what had happened, then the police arrived to take the child home, his parents were over the moon that he had been found unhurt, the uncles have never been back since!!!!!!!!!
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