Would you like to give birth to a child or adopt one?

@jamie622 (508)
April 8, 2007 12:14pm CST
As a couple or an individual would you like to give birth to a child or adopt one . Would you prefer to adopt for maintaning your figure or for the sake of helping a baby from a poor family . Do you think the feeling of becoming an actual parent is worth the pain you or your wife (in case u r a man )have to undergo during delivery . Is that feeling of a life developing inside you worthy enough of some pain that would have to be tolerated . How would you comment on women or couples choosing adoption just for the convenience of it .
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• United States
10 Apr 07
I would like to do both. I have already given birth to two wonderful kids. They were really close together but I wouldnt change that for the world. Someday I would like to adopt. There are so many kids out there that need good homes.
@jenskids (99)
• United States
9 Apr 07
I have three children of my own and have been a foster parent for a number of years,I love my kids and thank god for them I also love the kids god has put in my life in other ways I would never think about my figure as a reson to adopt.True there are wonderful kids that need familys and deserve them.But if you adopt to keep your figure you dont deserve to be a parent because you think more of your self and dont really have the I would do anything in the would for my kids that a good parent needs.
@sarah22 (3981)
• United States
8 Apr 07
i have 2 beautiful children and it was an amazing experiance
@mememama (3077)
• United States
8 Apr 07
I'd like to do both. I already have given birth and someday would like to adopt. It's worth the pain to have a child. I actually don't remember the pain of childbirth, many women will say they also kind have blocked it out. That's natures way of making sure you'll have more than one child lol. I wouldn't comment on other couples adopting for convenience because I've heard there's a lot of things to go through, you can't just one day decide to adopt and get a baby the next day-it's hard. I want to adopt because I know there's a lot of children without parents out there and I could provide a loving home and family.