c A N Y o U s H A r E Y o U r l O v E s T o R y?

@xenybb (168)
April 8, 2007 12:34pm CST
I am 23 years of age.. I think i had 2 serious relationship and 4 (not serious..):( For 1 year we've known each other through cellphones. We couldn't trace till now to where we got our numbers. Honestly I really can't imagine knowing a stranger , in which i never seen him and I never knew him from my friends. Well 1 year later we decided to see each other through the net. Unfortunately his picture is not that close up and that i could'nt figure his face. I am so afraid because honestly I really asked not a handsome guy but someone who will protect me and love me for who i am... Luckily when we decided to see each other in my place, first time i saw him, well i believe he will be a nice guy.. From that moment, we can't stop thinking each other and happily we get along as lovers... Luckily my relationship w/ him is that long till now and am so happy..
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