how tolerant you are ?

@jamie622 (508)
April 8, 2007 1:23pm CST
How tolerant do you think you are of other people . Do you find yourself anooyed with little things every now and then . Do you speak badly to your mother or spouse for the tinniest of her mistakes . How do you react when you yourself make mistakes ?
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@RLH4871 (163)
• Singapore
8 Apr 07
I'm only tolerant to my friends not others. I'm someone who doesn't admit my mistake easily even to boyfriend or family. If I did a mistake to my close friends or best friends, then I'll admit and apologize.
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• Canada
8 Apr 07
Depends on the mistake a honest mistake is no big deal but if they keep making the same mistake over adn over then i get annoyed. Everyone makes mistakes it how they deal with it afterwards that is the question. If a person can learn from there mistakes then it is a good thing and doesn't bother me if they make the same mistake again i offer help to avoid it after that you are on yer own.