it is a lie or not?

@george66 (180)
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April 8, 2007 5:40pm CST
I have hard time to train my son to go potty. Whenever I ask him "Are you wet?" or "Do you want to go potty", his answer is always "No". After so many days without any improvement, I asked him "Why do you want to lie to me?". I couldn't fall in sleep that night. I have a very bad feeling that I was wrong. Could you please share some your experience with me?
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8 Apr 07
Don't worry, that is exactly my toddler keeps on telling me. I don't accept a No and I will bring her to the bathroom myself. I let her sit on it and remind her that she is a big girl and she knows very well if she needs to go potty. The other thing too is that you keep track on the time. Bring him to the bathroom every hour if possible. The best thing I've learned about potty training is not to let her wear the pull-ups because it will prolong the training. I let her wear her cute undies and it is faster. I don't know why they want to say NO all the time, I guess they don't want to stop what they are doing or stop if they are playing. They don't know what lying is but they enjoy their play time so if they are still on the pull-ups, it feels like diaper so they won't get worried about wetting the floor. But if they are on their undies, there is proof and they don't like that pee to be all over they will learn quick.
@george66 (180)
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10 Apr 07
Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I have been struggling with his potty training in the past 3 months. He either rejected what I asked or had his potty on the carpet. I didn't expect the potty training could be harder than my work.
14 Apr 07
I dont think your son was lying. My lil one says no to potty because he doesnt want to use it yet. Children need to learn to regognise when they need to go and as long as they dont yet regognise it they cant say they need potty. My son sometimes regognises when he has to go but isnt yet ready for potty. I will keep trying but I dont believe he lies when he says he doesnt need potty.