Guys, how do you feel about a girl calling for help all the time.?

April 8, 2007 8:34pm CST
Guys, One of your platonic (not romantic) girl friends always calls you for help. When she calls it’s because she needs your help with something. You know that you are almost always her first choice when she needs help. How do you feel about this girl? Do you feel proud to be the guy that she always goes to for help?
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@champr23 (687)
• United States
9 Apr 07
This is a good discussion topic. Uhh, rly i'm not too experienced with all this just yet, but I think it rly depends on how much you like the girl N if the questions are valid questions. Not questions that are so obvious, and so annoying. If a girl I liked as a friend had a problem with something I for one would be really glad to help! I'm that type of guy. Help muh chiks! Yup, yup! On the contrary, if she was asking stupid retarded questions or the same questions every single time I would get angry. For instance, say she called N tells me her bf N her broke up again N he is such an azzhole N she rants on endlessly with the same old story that never changes. Then, I'd be like don't want to hear it you should have learned already to stop dealing with the guy all together.