Do you long for your mother?

April 9, 2007 1:07am CST
When you are alone reminiscing the days when you are still a kid or whenever you have a problem and there's no one you can talk to or beg for help. I was close more to my mom than to my dad when I was growing up. I miss my mother so much especially when I'm alone. I long for the comforting embrace and words of my mom she makes me strong and happy. Her words makes me stand up and give me hope for a brighter day/ opportunity coming. How about you? Are you close to your mother? Do you miss her?
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• Philippines
11 Apr 07
now that you posted this discussion, i miss her more :) i really want to go home already... i haven't seen my mom since january of this year. she can't visit me because she hates long travel, and i can't visit her because i have something that keeps me busy. my mother and i had a strong bond together. we'd talk without even speaking. she knows what's on my mind. and she can feel what i feel. for mother's day, i'd surely go home and visit her. i making a special card for her and hope to buy her a cake to celebrate :) i love my mom so much that i wanted to be at her side most of the time but since i am already married, this is not that possible anymore. but i hope to see her more often once she become a grandmother :)