Why does the older generation try to impose their beliefs on us?

old people - their thinking
April 9, 2007 1:30am CST
They think they are superior and everyone should survive under them or they are very egoistic.
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@skbadhan (881)
• India
17 May 07
hello samiksha this question bothers me a lot what i feel is that older generation beliefs are best according to their time ,knowledge but they are very much resistant to change they don't want to change with time. new ideas,nwe technology can't attract them they don't want to get out of their comfert zone they feel secure there and always tries to impose their old belief i don't kown how they can't see changing world around them. i have recently got a chance to read a very nice book by Robert T kiyoski named Rich Dad Poor dad i think every parests should read that book at least one time with postive attitude i remember here a quot from the book that" The very bad advice is now a day to tell your childrens that dear go to good school/college and earn a good degree with high grades and find a secure job" i feel why don't i got that book during my schools day i might have got a better ideas of not investing so much in my heigher studies and my present life could be more better but i follow but my parents guided me to do.
@RLH4871 (163)
• Singapore
9 Apr 07
I think they don't want anything bad to happen to us. Maybe they think that they followed the beliefs and that's why they are living well. or maybe they think that their lives are terrible as they did not follow the beliefs. I guess either one of the reasons, they want the best for us. If they only think about themselves, why would they want to waste their time teling us what to do. For me, eventhough I don't believe in their beliefs, I'll just listen and follow what they want front of them. At least both party also will be happy and you won't have a bad name by not listening to them.
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@edelweiss (1929)
• India
16 Jun 07
I think you have taken a wrong meaning of their believes and suggestions. Elders speak based on their experience in life. And I personal experience is that elders, whether my parents, grandparents or relatives they have never meant any bad to me. They want me to be the best and never have to suffer or make mistakes they did. And they are always willing to listen to my ideas too. I never think they are being egoistic or superior. I always listen to them and hear them and if there is something I think is not clear then I can always talk to them more about it. IF I have no idea of my own then I prefer taking the route they suggest because they have suggested based on experience.
• Philippines
31 May 07
Maybe its because they want us to follow the path which they believe as right. As a parent I would love to see my kids walking on the same beliefs that I have but I dont thin I will impose it on them when they already have their own minds and could stand on their own.