Do you maintain uninterrupted relations with your old friends?

Thiruvananthapuram, India
April 9, 2007 1:56am CST
It is often said that "Out of mind,out of sight" . Is this the case with you.? All us soon forget a close friend when he is no more in the vicinity. Maybe for sometime you would exchange letters to keep your memories alive . But it is quite natural that the friendship is forgotten. The new environment makes your friend in question establish new relationships which nurtures to his taste .
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@MsTickle (24993)
• Australia
9 Apr 07
Sadly, my friends have fallen by the wayside. Through no-one's fault and for many reasons I've lived a nomadic life. I've never been able to stay in one place for very long. Over the years people grow and lives change. Sadly, we leave people behind. I'm alone now and find it hard to make new friends. My best friend of 15 years betryed me 3 years ago and I seem to have shut the door to that part of me. I do have a friend I went to school with but we live far from each other and our lives are no longer following similar paths. There is not a lot for us to talk about now. I miss her very much.
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@joanna08 (394)
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
I think it still depends. I've already went through a year in College but my friends from high school are still part of my life much more than it is in high school. Though we dont see each other every month. We tend to celebrate special occasions together. We have this saying, "USE IT OR LOSE IT", if you really want your friendship to last, you hav eto use it. It is your responsibility to keep it. And it would always be your fault when it falters.
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
9 Apr 07
keep yourself in constant touch with your old friends lest you forget them .
@meljessxena (2317)
• Australia
10 Apr 07
it does happen all the time. i lost so many friends when i moved away, and now well some of them think i just dont like them when they see me then others well they moved on as well and havent heard anything about but i havent forgotten about them. my bestfriend from school i havent spoken to for about 8 years now and i saw her a few wks back and i only just recognised her but she didnt know me, she looked straight through me. so that upset me. but not much i could do.
@smartmom (827)
• United States
9 Apr 07
There are some friends, that I really do try t make an effort to keep in touch with even tough we have not seen each other in years, and although we might live in different countries. With the real friens it does not matter whether you send an email or a letter once a year or so, real friends will keep being real friends. I have moved across the world a few times, and I have had to say goodbye to many good friends over the years, but I have found that my best and closest friends are the friendships I made in day care, when I was about 3-6 years old. I still have three of my best friends from that time, and all though we all live in different countries now, we meet up on Skype once in a while to chat. We also try to meet up whenever we are home in our native country on vacation, and we actually end up visiting each other too. I must admit that I am tired of moving around, and my family is moving one more tim in a couple of months, because I am starting my graduate studies. As we are only going to stay where we are now for a few more months, I have chosen not to search for friendships, and not to find play groups for my sons. I think it is better that we wait until we move, as my 4-year-old son had a very hard time leaving his friends behind last time. Instead my boys are each other's best friends, and the three of us go to the park and the beach and have fun almost every day.
• Singapore
9 Apr 07
I think this is very hard. Friendship is like a fire that needs to be stoked.. You have to keep on maintaining it.