April 9, 2007 2:41am CST
What will you tell your kids if they ask you this question: Mummy or Daddy, How do babies come from?
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@ladyluna (7004)
• United States
10 Apr 07
Hi Titaniumsoul, Nice to visit with you again. The answer to your question would really depend on how old the child is/was when the question was asked. But, the short answer is that I would be honest, yet not graphic. And, I would definitely emphasize the order of marriage, then pregnancy. I would also emphasize the miraculousness of an infants birth, and the mysteries of life. In otherwords, overwhelm the child, but not frighten or initiate unwanted curiosity in the child. On a totally different subject ... I wanted to share with you that this is a really great question, and I believe that you would have received many more replies if you had not listed the question as "General", but rather the question as the question. Also, there's some question about one line questions being discouraged by MyLot administration. So, adding a little more detail to your question will probably yield a far better result for you. I only add this because I would have loved to read a plethora of answers to this question. I believe that phrasing it a bit differently would have be very helpful to you. You ask good, thought-provoking questions. I suspect that they get overlooked because of your listing them as "General". I certainly hope you're not offended by my suggestion. I'd really like to see you rise to the ranks of 'truly successful asker' with lots and lots of replies. Have a great night. -Ladyluna