why most of the guys are insensitive?

@jaeian (23)
April 9, 2007 4:41am CST
why is it that most of the guys are so insensitive?..i'm not saying that all the guys are..but most of them are..if you do not tell them what you really feel or what you really want they wouldn't know! unlike girls..we always feel what the guys want..or even our girl friends..we do have a magic when it comes to reading minds or what we call the 'instincts'! i myself always experience this..because girls doesn't always tell their real feelings..when the guys ask "do you like this?" even if we wanted, we won't tell them exactly because we like to be felt, we wanted it to come from them..you guys should know and feel us girls..how to care for us..how to surprise us and how to love us..
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@cheezer (92)
• Singapore
9 Apr 07
I agree. Most guys nowadays have become more and more insensitive. You tell them about your hard day's work and they interrupt by telling you all about their work (all you need is a listening ear). They don't catch hints and even if you tell them straight to the face, they still don't get it. And they change real fast. At the initial stage of courtship, they send you home saying that they'll be worried if they don't see you home. At the later stage of courtship, they don't send you home because you are staying too far away from home and that you are old enough to go home on your own. hahaha...don't know if I should laugh or get angry but they sure get on my nerves.
@pinokkio (352)
• Bahrain
9 Apr 07
Number 1 Reason Why Guys Are Insensitive? Peer Pressure! Guys only do the things that other guys are doing. If their friends are being nice and friendly, so will they. If their friends are being rude and obnoxious, they will try to be more obnoxious. However, if you're interested in guys that are well-mannered, then you should be looking for MEN. Not BOYS. A man would be someone who is looking forward to a succesful career and a family with a healthy relationship. That would be a very sensetive man. :)