What u mean from Express urself

@Madhavee (186)
April 9, 2007 5:01am CST
Personal Experience -I took airtel postpaid connection,a man came to my home for verification ,I attended him,after some days they barred my outgoing calls why because the documents which i have submitted has been misplaced by airtel,I dont get time to move out of my office,then also I have submitted the documents again,again after some days,they have barred my calls,why because this time i was not present at home,so they have marked verification negative,because nobody was present Any time you'll call customer care you will find they are not bothered to speak to you as they r not getting salary for solving customer queries ,If the bill is pending for not more than one day they will call thousand time make make your life hell,if you will not pay the bill for a month then some five to six huge black local guys come to ur home when you will not be there n ur mother or ur wife sister some lady will be there at home ,they will speak loudly n misbehave with ladies,Therefore My dear ALL , Airtel Is the MOST MOST MOST WASTE CONNETION I CAME ACCROSS
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