April 9, 2007 7:01am CST
One day while i was working, i came to my senses that i have missed so much of the world that has to offer. and there is just one thing that could make up for that empty space... backpacking. i have tried backpacking for short trips, to our neighboring towns! (LOL) although it was just short, the emotions were overwhelming. my muscles stretched to its limits and my knees gained more strength. got to sleep well then. now im on my verge of exploding! i want to go backpacking! especially from malaysia to singapore to china to mongolia to africa to europe. hai. when would that be????? does anybody want to come with me? :D
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@Maxturvy (114)
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
I consider yourself a backpacker or a bagpacker, some folks called them in that name. You dream of going with someone with you going backpacking with those countries you are naming above. If you asks me, I will but not on those countries you mentioned. I live in low and meager life in my country and travelling those countries is hard to fulfill.I am also a backpacker in my simple way here in my country. I love travelling in different places only in my freetime and day. I travelled places near in my hometown like islands and some caves to get in.Purposely I'm doing this because I know, our time is precious and we do not know when are we going to die.Accidents always happen and likewise disease might shortens our time. Reason I want to go out of my shell and discover the world in my place on how beautiful it is.This is also a part of my information to gather being not a stranger on my place.As of now, there are only three towns in my place that I did not drop by and visit. All the islands that surround this province of mine had been visited by me by backpacking together with my friends. I wish I had the same time with you who has all the time to travel and discover the countries you love to visit. Lucky you are so rich with time and money compared with me who owns only low paying job and meager living. Goodluck in your trip and bagpacking.