what are the pros and cons of homeschooling?

@gina22 (158)
April 9, 2007 9:21am CST
i want my child to be homeschooled. but I'm still deciding.
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• United States
26 Apr 07
we home school our kids. we did do public but it just wasnt working out well. the kids learned stuff ididnt want them to and then i worried about them being safe. just alot of things. home school is great though. we do stuff with others that home school to so that way the kids are with other kids too. we go to the zoo and hikes etc. we use alpha omega programs you can get the books off of ebay and they are really easy to use. this way everything is right there for you and you dont have to spend a load of time trying to figure out what you should teach. the answers are there too. my kids love it.
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• Gabon
9 Apr 07
I believe it can be a good idea depending on why do you want to homeshool him/her. The positive points: 1. Create very close relationship between you and the children. 2. You can control your child what to learn. The negative points: 1. You have to spend extra time to plan for your lessons. 2. Your children will be away from other kids. So his/her friends will be very limited to your neighbors only. So you have to make sure he/she got a lot of exposure & playing with many other children.
@Kythe42 (1412)
• United States
9 Apr 07
Well a big pro would be that you get to teach your child what you want to teach him/her in various subjects like social studies and history. So if you don't agree with what's in the traditional text books, you can teach your child what you think is more accurate. Your child might also do better with studies without other children there as a distraction. The only cons I can think of is that you would have to devote a lot of time making up the lesson plans and making sure your child does the work. So if you have to work full time, this might be difficult.
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@jal1948 (1360)
• India
12 May 07
home schooling has its advantages you save on travel,school fees,can give personalised attention, making your child the best but the child may miss the interaction with other students making it difficult to interact at a later date,may be dependent on you for everything