What has the telephone done to us,or for us?

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April 9, 2007 9:29am CST
What has the teltphone done to us,or for us, in the hundred years of it's existence?A few effects suggest themselves at once.It has saved lives by getting rapid word of illness,injury,or fire from remote places.By joining with the elevator to make possible the multi-story residenceor office building,it has made possible -for better or worse- the modern city.By bringing about a great leap in speed and ease with which information moves from place to place,it has greatly accelerated the rate of scientific and technological changes and growth in industry,beyond doubt it has seriously weakend if not killed the ancient art of letter writing.It has made living alone possible for persons with normal social impuses;by doing so,it has played a role in one of the greatest social changes of this century:the breakup of the multi-generational household.It has made the war chillingly more efficient than formerly. Perhaps,though not probably,it has prevented wars that might have arisen out of international misunderstanding caused by written communication.Or perhaps_again not probably-by magnifying and extending irrational personal conflicts based on voice contact,it has caused wars.Certainly it has extended the scope of human conflicts,since it inpartially disseminates the useful knowledge of scientist and the nonsense of the ignorant,the affection of the affectionate and the malice of the malicious.
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9 Apr 07
Its usefulness cannot be said at a short space but somethink bad also done by telephone which is unwanted call, call from a leftover friend, call from person who will get money, call from office for work at holiday or a sick day leave, theat call from ransom taker or miscreant. Otherwise telephone bring unique and uncomaprable usefulness and benefit for us and for business.