The Code of True Love.

April 9, 2007 9:55am CST
Our university invited professor Ye Gaofang who came from USA to give us a psychological speech yesterday evening. In my view, this was such a successful speech that I got something fresh and true from it. The topic of this lecture is the code of true love, and it referred three aspects: making friends, falling love with somebody and marriage. The logic of professor Ye was clear, and he narrated mainly four points in the whole structure. Firstly, what qualities do you hope your GF or BF has; secondly, what qualities do you have; thirdly, how to find your GF or BF; fourthly, when a relationship unfortunately ends, how to deal with it properly. 1) What qualities do you hope your GF or BF has? In this topic, professor made a right triangle as an example. We know that the bottom of right triangle is the steadiest, while the peak of this triangle, as just one point, is the easiest position to sway. Professor Ye narrated five tips about the question, and according to
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