has martial arts declined these times?

@Makoy1983 (1085)
April 9, 2007 10:03am CST
as far as i've noticed, not much people have much interest in martial arts unlike before. and in dojos, i've noticed too in some of our practices that martial arts have focused only on self-defense and development techniques. some are even focused on how to hit other people. now, doesnt this approach a one way approach? i've never seen the somewhat spiritual approach of it nowadays. we've been engrossed with the MMA fever thats catching up with each martial artist and it seems everybody's mindset now is to beat everybody. we all train to become the best of our abilities, or probably the best among the rest. butdoesnt we have the wrong mindset? like beating everybody up to prove who's best? i've had conversations with some of my teammates and some practitioners and all they say is that i want to beat this and i want to beat that. everybody now has a very aggressive mind. im not saying its wrong, but somewhat we're just diverted what are your views on this?
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24 Jan 08
I believe it is up to the student to find the teacher who would teach to them the martial art of thier choice. When you do, you can learn many things from them--self-defense, strategy, how to compete in your particular martial art(tournaments have been around for hundreds of years), even the spiritual side of the martial art. It is up to YOU to glean what you can from these lessons. Bruce Lee once said that when he started out, a kick was just a kick...as he progressed in his martial arts, he learned so many things about kicking--concepts, theory, etc. In the end, he realized that a kick was STILL just a kick