Which team deserves vince carter?

April 9, 2007 12:37pm CST
We all got excited when rumors had it that Vince Carter would be traded at the middle part of this season. Unfortunately, it didn't come to reality. Hopefully, next season, Vince would be in a much more better team. And what do you think is that team? I think he should be with the Lakers. A team with VC and KB24 would definitely be championship team.
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9 Apr 07
Although Vince is a tremendous talent, there are a few teams in particular where I can see Vince going. The reason being is that Vince can create his own shot if necessary, but I find that he is most effective when someone is creating his shots for him, allowing him the freedom to roam the courts or break free through screens for shots or getting through to the basket. This leads me to see Carter on a team with an established point guard/playmaker who can help him without forcing him to create too much on his own. 1.) New Orleans - I think the combination of Carter and Chris Paul with some of the young talent they have inside would help them move up the Western Conference ranks. 2.) Sacramento - Ron Artest isn't an offensive weapon. Carter plays decent defense, and will add much more offensively. Combine him with Kevin Martin and they could play the 2 and the 3, or vice versa. With Brad Miller and Mike Bibby, they could rise among the middle-of-the-pack in the West. 3.) Miami - Hear me out. Shaq may not have many years remaining, and Carter with Dwyane Wade would give them a dynamic backcourt, even with J. Will. They would run the floor, and Wade can create better for Carter that Richard Jefferson could.
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10 Apr 07
Very well said. I like the idea of putting him side by side with Cris paul. Vince, Cris Paul, and Tyson Chandler could form one of the most outstanding trio in the NBA. Plus, don't forget that they still have a desmond Mason and a Peja Stojakovic. Approve!
@JBrulez (663)
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26 Jul 07
I don't like vince carter playing along side kobe.. His career will just get worst, we all know that Kobe is a one man show and they call him a ball hug.. He wont give carter the chance because he is selfish.. I am a fan of vinsanity since he was a rookie, I think the best team for him is his present team nets because he has already established a chemistry with jason kidd, richard jefferson and the whole nest organization.. The addition of magloire to their team fills up the missing spot on the =ir championship quest.. Vince is getting older so its not appropriate for him to be changing uniforms, worst is play with Kobe..
@Makoy1983 (1086)
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25 Apr 07
cleveland cavaliers. there was a rumor years ago that carter will be traded to the cavaliers. that was the time even before lebron james was drafted. now if this acquisition will be materialized, cleveland cavaliers will go up from a powerhouse team to a title contender. the cavs could give up larry hughes and donyell marshall to accomodate carter or trade up zydrunas ilgauskas for VC, after all, he's a defensive liability for the cavs. in that way, anderson varejao will be given more time. C-varejao PF-gooden SF-james SG-carter PG-snow thats a great line-up
@romel_ece (1290)
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13 Apr 07
In the summer of 2005, before the Raptors dealt Vince Carter to the Nets, Carter caused a commotion by telling his friends he would like to be traded to the Knicks. If that feeling still stands, the Knicks could have a shot at landing Carter as a free agent this summer if he, as expected, opts out of his contract. There was interest on both sides and there were conversations.The Knicks' package for Carter, who can opt out of his deal at season's end, also centered around Frye, the young forward that the Nets coveted in the 2005 draft. The Knicks' offer was also believed to have included Jerome James ($5.4 million this season) and Malik Rose ($7.5 million this season) and one other player, perhaps Kelvin Cato or rookie Renaldo Balkman.I think the best offer will win by summer time.Let's just wait for it to happened.
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12 Apr 07