Any difference after giving 100 responses?

April 9, 2007 1:03pm CST
I have reached to 100 responses will it make any difference I mean will I get any benefits now or not?
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10 Apr 07
you mean you haven' t receive any rewars yet? mmm..
@aliasad (1567)
• Pakistan
9 Apr 07
Good to see you with a star. Yes, off course you have got a star and thats all upto the moment. But you don't loose heart its just beginning and you have to go for long. Just keep on good postings and see how your little star turn its colors and just goes upto to blue one. Lets celeberate your century ... Cheers!
9 Apr 07
Well as you know all that happens is that you recieve your star. people are less likely to treat you as a newbie! I think though you have to really look at the level of star you have received. a 5! The best you can recieve is a 10, which I myself have not yet reached but I htink is totally achievable. Post things of substance and quality. One loners genereally do not give enough information to justify a + so you are likely to keep a low star if you carry on. Research your responses and ask questions and you are likely to reach a nine of 10 in time for your 500 when you will be able to copy and paste and add pictures to your responses. Enjoy yourself on here!
@tonyxxx (693)
• India
9 Apr 07
There are no such privileges or benefits after reaching 100 posts.The only difference from the pre 100 posts condition is that now you can view your star rating and the reputation.The reputation can be viewed after placing your mouse over the star.The benefit of the star rating is that now you know exactly how your responses are rated by the other members and you can work to improve the responses or discussions.