XBOX 360 or Playstation 3

April 9, 2007 3:01pm CST
This is a question that has been discussed by people for a long time know and i think that it is about time that we came to a decision. Now I own both consoles and i definatly think that the Xbox 360 is by far the better console. Now this is just my opinion, what's yours?
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• United States
14 Apr 07
I think xbox 360 even though I own 360 and not ps3 but I own ps, ps2, and xbox and judging from what their previous consoles are like I would definately say 360 over ps3. I've heard ps3 has awesome graphics but so does 360 and awesome games. 360 also has more games out, probably double of what ps3 has. Another thing, the playstation controllers always seem to break easy. I love 360 because the wireless controllers aren't cost worry as to ps3's 50-60 dollar controllers. Also 360 offers not only action shooters like gears of war but role playing games like elder scrolls oblivion. Playstation also requires a memory card for any saving. Xbox uses a hard drive-a huge bonus and plus for 360. That's my opinion on which is better.
• Singapore
8 Jul 07
I've PS2, PS3 and Xbox360 and here's my comments. Current game library for PS3 is small but great titles coming out like GTA4 which I'm dying to have. My PS2 and PS3 controllers don't break easily. I own my PS2 for over 5 years and they are still working fine. Oblivion is available on PS3 as well. Yes PS2 requires a memory card for its game saves but PS3 does not requires as PS3 has got a 60GB hard drive. PS3 has backward compatibility with your PS2 games and its game saves. To me, I think PS3 is better. You got a bluray player in PS3 as well unlike Xbox360, you need a side purchase for the HD thing.
• New Zealand
9 Jul 07
Also the thing with the PS3 is that you can add third party Hard Drives, I think I read that you could add a 500gig hard drive, not sure though. I own both consoles and so far the graphics aren't much different, when you compare multi platform titles that is, exclusives show what the PS3 is made of. When I bought my xbox 360 I soon realised that I would have to fork out loads of cash on batteries, the PS3 controllers come with USB chargers right out of the box.