stupidity in love.. falling out of love..

April 9, 2007 3:08pm CST
how many of us have been stupid when it comes to love? when it comes to love, the usual things that we do and we told ourselves that we can't do are being broken. I remember, I never used to calling a guy on his phone, because i told myself that he should be the one calling me, but then i broke my own rules. I even lower my pride for him. I makae efforts just to save the relationship only to find out that he's giving up. My friends keep telling me to leave him, but i don't want to, and i told them, i want him to change, but he didn't. He make me wait for hours only to find that he's not coming. Falling out of love doesn't have any explanations huh?? well, i guess so, or it's just that they don't want to fight for you? or doesn't even love you from the very start?
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