Professions induced

April 9, 2007 4:25pm CST
Many times you hear your elders saying "be a doctor.or an engineer .etc etc" when a person throughout his childhood keeps hearing these kind o words from his loved ones.....there s always the greater probability of him getting into that field eventually n should i say blindly n sorry to say, later on he grows up to hate it!! regrEts! thats a tragedy if u ask me.. even though whatever his elders induce into his mind at the start is bcoz they want the best for him or her my question is..dont u think ppl should stop this kind o behaviour n actually give their young the complete liberty to become whtever they want ? wht are ur views?..
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• United States
10 Apr 07
I became what I wanted by do what I want and became nothing, so now I've had enough and am a 27 year old freshman.
@r0131n (357)
10 Apr 07
They say you're never too old for education. Up to now, I'm still studying to expand my knowledge in my chosen career. You need to aim for something you enjoy and make sure it is achievable. After studying at University, I got a job as a Financial Consultant. Money was brilliant but I did not enjoy the job so I quit and took on odd jobs until I found that I could expand on my hobby and turn it into a career.
@simran1430 (1793)
• India
12 Apr 07
Think of the things you enjoy. If you really enjoy one or two subjects at school, investigate which professions they could lead to. In any particular field there is a wide variety of possibilities. If you really like music of any description, you could, for example, become a DJ, a rock musician, play in a symphony orchestra, work for a radio station or become a sound engineer. Bottom line, is that if you can find a way to make a living from something about which you are passionate, you are likely to be happy in your work.Think of the things you can do. Be realistic. Each person has different talents – choose one where your talents are an asset. Certain professions have specific requirements: there are no jockeys that weigh 102 kgs, or rocket scientists with average IQs, or ramp models that are short, or actors that are really shy and retiring. Choose something where you fit the bill, otherwise you are only setting yourself up for a series of disappointments.
@r0131n (357)
9 Apr 07
I grew up in a family where my parents were teachers, my aunties and uncles were/are either teachers, nurses or doctors. I've been pressured to take on a nursing proffesion but resisted. I took Business Studies at University but ended up with a job in computing. I don't really see it that they want the best for me at the time but because they know the business inside out so they are able to help me more in case I get into difficulty. I suppose you can say that they are afraid of change as we all do when we grow older. I think we should stop this behaviour and let our kids decide for themselves. We just have to make sure we are with them all the way and help them as best we can if they fall into difficulty.