Mid-life crisis

April 9, 2007 4:37pm CST
According to definition, "it's an emotional state of doubt and anxiety in which a person becomes uncomfortable with the realization that life is halfway over..." I'm not yet middle aged but I want know, we want to know, what to do? How can we cope with it? Please share your thoughts.
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9 Apr 07
Hi, Well, I had a bit of a crisis in my mid to late 30s. I exhibited some behaviour that I regret, and the only thing I can say is that I got a grip on msyelf and basically gave myself a good talking to! I realsied that whilst I was no longer a young man, I wasn't past my prime - on the contrary, I was actually just coming in to my prime. I realised that I had a lot of maturity and wisdom, and that I have a good period of years ahead of me. I started looking after myself more - lost a little weight, looked after my health, started respecting myself and my friends and family more. I'm now happier in my 40s than I was at any tiem earlier in my life. Getting older isn't anything to worry about - you just have the potential to mature and improve with age.