Working in a full time job $60 in a month.Do you believe ..?

@nill_07 (1104)
April 9, 2007 5:38pm CST
I have completed my 4 years bachalor degree on Computer Science & Engineering.On 22th February I had joined a job here in Bangladesh.It was a Broker House named ARC Securites under Dhaka Stock Exchange.Duties was available 5 days in a week & 8 or more hours in a day.The owner of the company came very few time in the office.The director of the office was brather in law of the owner of the company.And the owner of the office is the MP candidate of comming election in Bangladesh.Salary was defined as a report of the Director.Office did not maintain any cost of the stuff even lunch bill.And so on.. After finishing first month office had paid me $60 & they had informed me salary will not increase within 6 month as it was my provosional period. I am a Computer Engineer & the only responsibilities of mine was to maintain a softaware & typing.While we produce software there to learn software maintenance & typing might not take 6 month. I had understood 60% of my work with my first day after joining.I think they had behaved rough with me as defining my salary at $60. I told the director that you have no quality to maintain this office & I am resining...And I have resigned from there. What would you do in that situation ..?
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• Philippines
9 Apr 07
Oh my gosh! I would do the same thing as you did. I will resign... What kind of employer are they? They don't deserve to have an employee like you. I'm sure there's a lot of job waiting for you. Good luck.
@nill_07 (1104)
• Bangladesh
10 Apr 07
Thanks a lot for sharing your same experience with me.Now a days what are you doing?Already I am doing a part time job & trying to make it fulltime.I think it will happen very soon.Best fo good luck.