Acne anyone? Share your depressive moments and success over it here!

acne - this is not close to what i had.
April 9, 2007 9:35pm CST
A few months ago I have suffered from acne for quite sometime, that i got to the point of hiding myself from people,and worst -thought suicide from the distress it brought me. Because of this I've consulted dermatologists,friends who've suffered the same and cleared up,to no avail. And finally the net, I stumbled upon this site "" that shares a regimen that'll help you end up breakouts using affordable over-the counter products. If there's anyone here who's gone the terrible way i did with acne, I'd like to share 3 simple items that I used twice a day which helped me get away from the hauntings of such skin problem:1. A gentle Cleanser to wash your face. (i use Cetaphil,any baby bath products or Lactacid blue (not the feminine wash of course) 2. 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. I use Panoxyl 3. A good moisturizer. These Mighty 3 has done miracles to my oh-so-stubborn breakouts. How about you?
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