April 9, 2007 11:06pm CST
what is beauty? Perhaps it is not so easy to answer this seeming easy question . because beauty is but a relative concept and different people may have different ideas about it.may you tell me
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• India
10 Apr 07
Definition of beauty is not so easy. It has two parts, outer beauty which covers height, health, skin colour, body structure, face, equal distrubution of muscle in body and second one is inner beauty which covers way of talking, behaviour, listening capacity, care to others, way of representation of anything, tackling of issues etc. These above are few points which describe beauty of a person. It is seen that we say good to that only which we like or say which suites to us. this should not be the criteria. Criteria should be that anything is being accepted by mass, not individual. Just like beauty contest of Miss World etc where people from different group assemble and decide finally who is beautiful.