is this man.uted successsful in playing as it's in the financial success?

@fredgame (1261)
April 9, 2007 11:54pm CST
MAN. Uted is a team to watch when they are on the pitch. No wonder they are the most financial success in the world of sports. they are a delight to watch and they make their supporters feel proud of them. Since 1992, when started following this team, there are times they disappointed me a bit but when they are on form no question about it. I want to ask, how do they fund these teams apart from the sale of tickets and players? what is the source of their financial success? do people or companies donate funds to them? i like Man.Uted and id continue to support them in body and soul since i not rich to donate to them. what the secret of their success?
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@darkness01 (1304)
10 Apr 07
Manchester United are a huge club and they gain their income in a few main ways: Sponsorship. AIG are the current sponsors and the deal with them is big and provides a massive financial boost to the club for displaying the logo on their shirts. Merchandising. Manchester is one of the worlds most known football clubs. They amount of money they can pull in from sales of shirts, stationery and accessories is huge because of their reputation and fan base. The expansion into Asia has also played a key role in the rise in income from merchandising. Fans. The fans buy season tickets and single tickets and Old Trafford is normally sold out every match day, this adds to the income. Player Sales. Selling players will naturally add to the finances of the club. Investment. Unfortunately, the Glazers took control of Manchester United and now they are reportedly hundreds of millions of pounds in debt. Its not good news for the finances of the club. However, Manchester United have remained active in the transfer market and are top of the Premiership so all is well at the moment.
• India
10 Apr 07
You didn't mention the main thing. They gain most of their money, through sponsors. That's a major chunk. I'd say, they run half their living, through that.