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@billiep (231)
April 10, 2007 2:58am CST
I have a friend who I'll call in the name Leo and another friend who I'll call Chrisy. Now let me tell you the situation. My friend chrisy just got out of a two month relationship. She tells me she really loved the guy and that she was really heart broken, funny thing about it is that she was the one who ended the relationship and yet she's the one who's heart broken. Anyway, at a party I introduced Chrisy and Leo, and they hit it off. Soon they were calling each other, within a few weeks they were intimate. They were in a so called "Open relationship" {I think that kind of relationship should be banned from existence}. Within a month Chrisy ended that relationship and my friend Leo, who fell for chrisy in that one month, was hurt, broken and depressed. I couldn't really blame anyone. Leo is a good man, the kind of man whose always there for you when you need him, the kind girls would be lucky to have. The problem with Leo is his picky when it comes to girls. So I was surprised when he told me he really liked my friend Chrisy, she wasnt the type of girl any of us would want for Leo, but we respected his decision. Going back, Chrisy ended the relationship because she claims "She fell out of love for him". I asked my other friends, how that was possible when she never "Fell in love with him". Now that they're so called "Relationship" is over Chrisy bieng her,started looking for men, EVERYWHERE. It was in a way sad. What really pissed me off was because she kept calling Leo. Leo couldn't move on with Chrisy calling him almost everyday. He kept hoping she would come back. And offcourse me being both they're friends knew that this was all a game for Chrisy. So I told Chrisy to end this game because she was hurting Leo, who by the way is a great guy. But she didn't listen, she told me I should stop dictating her, stop telling her what to do. I insisted that I'm not telling her what to do, I just think she should stop because someone is getting really hurt. But she didn't care. I wasnt actually dictating her, I was just expressing my feelings and opinions on the situation. She had the option to disregard my opinions, which she did. Now I don't know what to do, I don't know how to help Leo. What do you guys think I should do? I'm kind of lost. I want to help mt friend Leo but how?
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@nengs10 (3188)
• Philippines
10 Apr 07
depressed - man
Your friend Chrisy is really a jerk. Yes, she's just playing a game. And mind you, everyone would want to win in every game. And I think she's a mile away now from Leo. But, with your help and others, you can still beat her and let her lost this game. In this case, Leo should not entertain her calls anymore. Either he'll change his sim card or use a new phone. It's really foul. In this situation, Leo appears to be very weak and poor. And like you, I don't like my friends to be in that situation too. I hate to see my real friends cry or get hurt. They're so precious to me. Also, Leo should keep himself busy all the time for him to forget Chrisy and their relationship. Whatever that is. It's ok to be silly once in a while. But being silly for a long time is already being numb. You guys should him move on. There are a lot of things to do. Also, don't forget to pray. Evil spirits will surely go away if you pray.