Did you can hear the Lord voice?

April 10, 2007 5:27am CST
Be blessed in the name of Jesus,God bless you my friend.Let me tell you a things,my self i like so much to speaking the word of God many times of a day,every times i like to dwell on the words of God.and Gog Himself come and dwell in me because He has already told me and He has promised me too,that He will come and make His home with me.But my friend is not easy to save lord if you do not love Him.But when we love Him with all of our heart and soul and minds He will draw near to us when we draw near to Him.So is it possible for you to hear,or did you ever hear the voice of our Creator?Lord's come every day in the evening to talking to his people.But most of us not hear the voice,and those who hear the voice of th e Lord the hide their self from the Righteous of God.In today world we call it and true this a crazy world,we have tribulation in this world but we must be in the good because we are not of the world.Our leader told us that we not have to worry because He was went to prepare a place for us,so when it is finished He will come and invite us Home,in the Father's house are many rooms,every one of us will have his/her own room.So it is true that Jesus give us the helper to help us in the time of need.When we need to ask for any thing from the father we must ask in the name of Jesus and we will ask the Spirit of truth to help us send our request before Lord.Because we do not know how to pray,so the help and Jesus by using His name we will get what we asked to God.Always we asking for something,But we do not let God speak to us,we sin against Him,but still always Lord come to His people and call them but they hide their faces because of the sin,our evil separate us away from God.Did you ever hear the Lord voice?
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