what is your chioce on week end Beach House or Forest or Home?????

April 10, 2007 5:57am CST
what you like on your week end? you like to go on beach house? or you like to go to the forest or you like to stay in home? and why you like it?
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• Philippines
11 Apr 07
I rather stay home on weekends and spend some time with my son. But if my hubby's around, maybe we could use a little time for the beach.
• United States
10 Apr 07
i love the forest near a river or staying home being a bum every once in awhile is nice i have to admit that is what i did this weekend. lol. usally though i would rather be at the river. i love fishing and watching the kids chase butterflies and catch fish and try to take them off the hooks etc. i love watching my hubby get excited when he gets a bite on 2 or 3 poles at a time and he is trying to figure out how to reel them allin at teh same time lol.
• Ireland
10 Apr 07
We don't get much fine weather here in my country so in the Summer I like to go to the beach. It would be much too cold in winter. I like to go for forest walks in winter and then come home a curl up in front of a big fire. I try to go somewhere every weekend as I spend all week in the house and it is nice to get away for a break.
@mdchennai (2129)
• India
10 Apr 07
Well, on weekends i usually go to the beach to meet my friends or with my girlfriend. Actually i work six days a week and only on sunday i am off. On that day, i do some work till afternoon and after that i move out. I am not yet married, so i don't have problem of my family. Anyway i leave home by one 3 pm and then return back at 9 pm. I go to meet my friends or go out with my girlfriend :)