why women are marrying for the sake of it?

@aciddrop (798)
April 10, 2007 6:09am CST
i have been told that when a girl reaches her late 20s,single still,she would be very anxious to marriage.and this is what i witness as well.the most incredible example around me is my sister who is at the age of 23,already thinks about marriage and giving birth to a baby.JESUS CRIST!she holds a kind of belief like girls should marry when we are still young and beautiful,in order to find good spouses.do you know what i regard it?totally old wives tale! but it seems to be a truth that women all strongly need family,no matter how successful they can be,or how alternative by nature they are.i always feel shameful by the fact that Faye Wong no long sings anymore simply because her husband wants her to take care of their family and child.i just cant believe a distinguished singer of all time wound up being a housewife when she's still on the top of her career.actually the point is how could she married an ordinary man who acts badly,who has a bad reputation by dumping lots of women b4,who is drop dead selfish? do women really nedd men?apart from physical self.do they settle for bad ones merely in order to marry finally?
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@darkzzt (760)
• Canada
10 Apr 07
i feel that the late 20s is a good time for a girl to get married. when a girl gets to her 30s she is not as young, not as fertile for having a baby. males place great importance on having a young female partner because they are better-looking and healthier.
• Philippines
10 Apr 07
Well, i guess it is a biological need for women... as they say: when a woman turns 25 her market value diminishes and her biological clock is ticking... as for your sister, i think she is quite young maybe she should wait til she turn 25 before considering marriage. her age should be spent in enjoying being single so that when she finally settle down she wouldn't feel that she missed something.