woman!! - woman a gift of god!
April 10, 2007 8:37am CST
WOMAN!!! One of the most beautiful creation of God! We can feel her innocence in form of a Daughter.. You can feel her care oin form of a sister.. You can feel her warm in a form of lover.... You can feel her passion in form of a beloved... You can feel her dedication in form of a wife.. You can feel her divinity in form of a mother You can feel her blessings in fomr of a Grandmother her heart is so tender... yet she is so tough tooo... so naughty... so charming... so empathatetic... so sharing.. so flexible... so melodious.... so pious... one of the most beautiful GIFT of GOD on this planet..... she is a WOMAN.she is life!!!for all those who are women are you all proud to be one or are always cribiing on what all difficulties they have to go through!and for men what do you all think about women??do agree you can't do without them or you all are just okay with them not irritating u around!
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