Do u wish to earn MORE Money?

April 10, 2007 9:39am CST
Recently, my friend introduce me to a system where I need to invest a sum of money & u can get back Thousands back in return. Sound unbelieveable? I think so. But I choose to believe & take the risk, & now? I earn more than I invest! Will u believe? Let's say that u invest around USD1000. U will get back the money by interest of 3% daily. Example : USD1,000.00 x 3% x 180days = USD5,400.00 as for m'sian, Convert it urself by multiple 3.4 for the above amount! And Suprise! =D Y need to wait longer?! If interest u can email or add me in messenger at
4 responses
@juneedpk (65)
• Pakistan
10 Apr 07
no ,i donot wnat.
• Malaysia
11 Apr 07
Y u do not want? I saw in ur profile that u like to make money online.. ? =P
@lucas528 (324)
• Northern Mariana Islands
10 Apr 07
Yes, I do. Even if I am earning now thru internet, I still want to earn more if it is possible. I don't invest much money on the internet but I do invest lots of patience, hard work and time. You might wanna check my blog to see how I do it
• Malaysia
10 Apr 07
I saw the website that u give to me, doesnt it same as MyLot too?? it's not a bad one though, but it earn to slow.. Sorry 4 the comment. But if u r interested, y don u try this? U will find more fast & convenient.
@oscar6 (1939)
• United States
15 Jun 11
Yes, I think all of us wish to earn more money than we already do. can you tell me a little more about this program? I dont normally invest money or spend money in order to make money. I only use sites that are completely free so that I am not scammed out of money. I have several sites that I use on the web that are completely free and earn me a decent amount each month.
@moreinfo (3867)
• China
11 Apr 07
hehe, its a hyip. yap, such daily pay out schemes are simply ponzies, no exception, like europe trade etc. also programs providing big referral commissions are simple ponzies, cos they rely on new members and new spends, like swisscash etc.