Peter Petrelli is a villian....its real...

@arkentos (213)
April 10, 2007 10:50am CST
we like peter petrelli...we like him the most....So why we like him with reasons plzzzz... I like him due to supercool hair-style. sorry for rumours..that i am making...just catchy stuff...[:)]
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@nadeya (26)
• Malaysia
11 Apr 07
Well, that's a good one. U juz caught my eye. Thank god it's juz rumors.. well, I like him cuz he's cute and got a cool power ;p. But what attracts me for the first time on him, is when he determined to save Claire even tough he know he might die from it.
• Indonesia
14 Apr 07
Hey what rumour?Do u mind 2 tell me about that? well,there r sooo many reasons why people like Peter! First of all,omg,he has a very very very cute face for a guy!N i almost droolzzzed in front of my TV when i saw him in his tuxedo,omg omg,he neat his hair n shaved. n then,he really has 'hero' stamped on all over his attitude.He didn't mind whether it costed his own life as long as he could save Other people n d world. I love his expressions,how come a guy can b so sweet when he was very angry n ready 2 explode as well as when he smiled ^^ His smile is really aa addiction,man!
@nadeya (26)
• Malaysia
20 Apr 07
No, I mean the title of your discussion, that Peter is the real villian. Anyhow, I'm so agree with you. Peter just so cool and now that he know how to control his power, he just turned himself as super cool one ^_^. I can't wait his encountered with Syla. They have an equal power after all!
@k1dr0ck (35)
• Philippines
15 Apr 07
'coz he can imitate other people's ability by just thinking about it
• Malaysia
14 Apr 07
i drool over peter petrelli too!! i guess lotsa people do the same while watching heroes huh? hehehe.. he is one super fine hero :-D