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April 10, 2007 11:50am CST
Opus Dei is called "the most controversial force in the Catholic Church." Maybe many of you discovered Opus Dei through the book or movie The Da Vinci Code. But does the book or movie really show the meaning and life of Upus Dei? I don't think so. It's just fiction anways. Have any of you known a member of Opus Dei? What do you think about it? I'm not sure how I feel about it. I never talked to a member and I only watched a tv program about it. The people choose this way of life and I commend them for their strengh and commitment. Their practice of self mortification does scare me honestly. But the people seem like good people. Many claim it to be a cult. I wouldn't go that far to call it that. I would like people who actually know about Opus Dei to comment. Not people who judge by what they hear or just go on some religious rant that claims their view to be right and everyone else is wrong. FYI I'm roman catholic, not a member of Opus Dei, not criticizing, and I'm just curious about people who actually know about this topic.
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@fake_you (391)
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23 Jul 07
well, iknow a lot of people who are members of Opus Dei, and even if i haven't read the Da Vinci code, i can say that they're not like what Dan Brown has described them, accd to you. they believe that the work and daily circmstances of our lives are occassions for growing closer to God. i've been going to their center, and receiving the spiritual formation of Opus Dei, and i can say that it will work for anybody.
• Philippines
19 Apr 07
haha i dont think anyone can answer you specially in a place like mylot haha... i know some people who are actually a member of this personal prelature, and believe me, they are not at all like that (what dan brown predicts them to be). they are strong believers of the faith, they practice it through incorporating it in their everyday activities. they practice sacred traditions of the faith according to their truest form and meaning without including any modern inventions whatsoever in it(this is why, some people call them conventional or conservative), for example, if according sacred traditions mass are held in latin language, they do that (at least sometimes). they do mortify and or sacrifice, but again, not like how dan brown perceived it to be... they do it in a very innate, natural, hmmm personal way... they believe that through little sacrifices they themselves personally make, they communicate with God (not in a fanatic sense okay). the members go to mass as often as they can because they believe that the mass is the greatest prayer, and that it is the actualization of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus... i can say much more about this personal prelature opus dei even if im not a member because my friend, who is a "member" leads his life in such a way that you will naturally get inspired by this persons outlook and personality... "though i still fall to temptations much like any humans do, it is the struggle, to live a life in a state of grace, that is important in the end." he said
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