Jamia Hifsa

April 10, 2007 12:37pm CST
the Govt of pakistan want to buildose jamia hifsa. they are doing all on the order of america. why pakistani govt distroy thier low anorder satuiation for some one?
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@demo3424 (599)
• India
11 Apr 07
i think it is part of war on terror.stuctures which provides hideouts for islamic terrorist should be destroyed to prevent using it from attacking others.terrorist should not be allowed to use mosques to hide their weapons etc.mosque should be used only for prayer and not spread hatred.
• Pakistan
11 Apr 07
I don't know you are muslim or nonmuslim. if you are muslim then you better that did you got any weapon in any mosque or madrasa? I didn't find any weapon in my 27 years life. nor I found any madrasa where fighting is teach. the blam on Islam and muslim that they are terorist that all due to Amarica. In Afghanistan war against USSR, Amarican encourage muslims specially Pathans to fight against USSR. and give it name JIHAD. I belong from NWFP and my home town is near afghanistan also I am Pathan. I know the right picture, you can't make sense what game USA is playing with muslim. we are on the target, enfect amarica is terririst not we. we are fighting in defence. All of my discusion mean. islam or muslim are not terrorist when we fight against USSR we were MUJAHIDEEN but now we are terririst. All the JIHAD Organizations which was and now are active all are made by USA not by any MADRASA in pakistan or else where. problem is that muslims loves there religion very much, specially pathans. when USA rise the voice of JIHAD, and propgate via thier machinery that USSR attack on islam. every muslim was ready for fight. thats all the story.